Why no more analog?

Why did we steer away from analog recording?

Sure, I may be old school, but know enough to say that capturing disembodied voices with an analog recorder, just works.  

Since my absence in the field, I have come back to learn just how much has changed over the years.  Don’t misread what I am saying, as there are some amazing new methods, but what happened to analog?  Is it the expense, the post-production?  Why has it been so abandoned and replaced with things that speak for you now?

These are the questions I ask and want to learn your opinions from.  Sure, I am a huge fan and advocate for analog recording, but that is beside the point.  The point of it is… IT WORKED! Some of the clearest and most precious captures have come from analog recorders… am I wrong?

I have always had the theory that spirits find it easy to imprint themselves onto magnetic tape.  Perhaps the static electricity and magnetic properties are what they can attach themselves to.  What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t want to get into a huge discussion over Analog vs. Digital as that is not what is the topic here.  We seemed to have lost focus with our roots and I feel we need to take a few steps back and continue developing ways to work with analog.   Sure, it is a little more expensive these days, but I feel it’s worth the price to find out the ultimate answer to the question; Is there life after death?