After the Storm

Friday March 31st 2023 will always remain in my memory as one of the scariest moments. Everything happened so fast! I knew there was a storm cell coming, but ASSUMED it to be a simply thunderstorm. Boy was I wrong!

After Kevin Macky’s show, the power went out and all went very calm… then the sirens. They were going non stop and babbling out some inaudible messages. Meanwhile, my Sherry is at work safe and sound surrounded by a concrete shelter, so I was not worried about her and knew she was safe. However, my neighbor was a different story.

My neighbor Jon and I have been friends for several years. He is legally blind, but very independent… until it comes to darkness. So, I left our pups to roam free for cover and went right over there. The sirence wailed again all over town as a second tornado was spotted and this one was about 1/2 mile from out location and coming fast!

We of course seek cover, but not before taking and immature peak out the back door. That sight has changed my life forever… Through the lighting I saw the beast of a tornado and its engulfing swirls. It was a horrific sigh out of a horror movie and I immediately shut the door and we got to cover.

In closing, life can be gone in an instant and you never know when or where it will hit. Treat each day as it is your last and never look ahead, or behind for that matter, and always move forward on precious moment at time.