New Computer Arrives

Our station has been struggling for quite some time with our outdated 2012 iMac. The crashes and video glitches were becoming very frustrating, to say the least. We apologize if this causes any interferences with our programming as well.

Well, those days are now over! Thanks to you, our beloved audience we were able to purchase a new iMac with superior power and speed. It is the new M1 I Mac and will surely stand the test of time and quickly tear through anything we threw at it!

There are SO many people to thank for this and before I list the names of the donors, I would like to thank everyone who shared our cause. The networking was unbelievable and shows true unity and for that I thank you!

Thank you to our donors

Jo West

Kelly Eckhardt

Donna Colby

Katherine Bonnet

James Conway

Leigh Warner

Gayle Christensen

William Wolter

Beth Zaft

Cheryl Murphy

Tim Bair

Melanie Ceraso

JamieLynny Keller

Lynda Dresher

Susan Ott

Randy Liebeck

Dawn DuMoulin

Jessica Seda-Ruiz

Jenn Papak

Mary Bethune

Dee Moonflyer

Pete Orbea

Liz Daniel

Michelle Weihofen

Jennifer Campbell

Michael Christopher

John Swencki

Danny Loosmore

Paranormal Party

Donna Tilly

Robin Cribbs

Sheree Meier

Vanessa Hogle

Nicole tito

Fabian Trahan

Stephanie Lynn

Leigh Warner

Jill Thornsbury

Jessica Adams

Lynda Myers

Lisa Silverman

We could not have done this without your help and we are forever grateful for it! I have been in tears for the past few days now… not because of a new computer, but due to the unity if have witnessed the past few weeks with this fundraiser. I thank you all for believing in not only the station, but me to bring you the best quality programing possible!