More Reader Mail!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing others reading my book. Sometimes it actually worries me, as I know that I will be exposed to them after they are finished reading it. Will they judge me? Would they think less of me perhaps? I may never know, but what I do know is I am not bette or worse than anyone else. I am me, and me I am!

Thank you so much for the support Caden and Allisa! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it. You two are the very best!

Happy Mail Day, Indeed! Thank You Liz!

This afternoon while checking Facebook, I noticed I was tagged in a post by my new friend Liz. As you can see from the photos, she finally received my book and wrote the following:

Happy mail today! 😁

Thank you so much, Todd! I am so excited to dive in! So proud of you and happy to call you my friend! 😊

For those of you who don’t know, Todd M Bates has his own paranormal station! WLTK-DB! A VERY VERY HUGE THING! He also hosts his own show called ‘Haunted Voices’! Not only does Todd keep me laughing with his quick wit and hilarious sense of humor, his dedication to the paranormal and the truth it holds keeps me intrigued and it didn’t take long to become a fan and soon after, he became a dear friend.

Much love, Todd and blessings and luck on your future endeavors! Can’t wait for book #2!

Love to your sweet family, as well!

As you can imagine, I am beyond humbled by these words and the overall outreach and support for my new book. Sure, I talk about it a lot, but I must, as it is very important to me and I hope all can understand.

People like Liz are what motivate me to be even better, faster, and stronger! Thank you, Liz and I hope this book grabs you in some way and you can share that with others.


Thank you all for your continued patience in this new book adventure of ours, I am learning the ropes quickly (a big part goes to my 21-year-old Keirsten Bates, Thanks Honey!).  With her help, I know have a better shipping method for faster processing.  

Mailing the first shipment was bittersweet and I tread up as Sherry took this picture and so very humbled by all the support and encouragement!  I hope each of you get as much as of my book, as I put in it.  

All of you who ordered a signed hardcopy, those shipments are coming in the next few weeks and I will try to have all orders out by Christmas!  

Thanks you again and if you have read the book, don’t forget to leave me a review on Amazon here

Your Support is Heartfelt 

As most of you have learned by now, I am a shy recluse really.  However, your recent actions and support are completely changing my mindset!  So many of you have emailed me about my new book and how much you enjoyed and gained from it, and for that, I thank you.  

I received my first shipment of paperbacks and finally got to hold my book, a book I cherish with everything in me, for the first time.  It was a bittersweet moment.  On the one hand, I had just accomplished one of the largest feats in my life, and on the other hand… I am now exposed, vulnerable, and perhaps judged.  Nonetheless, it is actually the least of my worries.  

So if you wrote to me and said you wished the book was longer, well I wish it was as well.  I wanted to write more, I wanted to share more details of my trials and tribulations, but just could not mentally do it at this time. However, I want you to bear this in mind, I will write another book!  This was an amazingly fun project that I learned a lot from and will never forget.  

So, for those of you on the lookout for a quick and entertaining read, The Haunted Voice is your kind of book.  It tells of both my life and paranormal tales along with a few facts about me you may be interested in!  

Thank you for your continued support!

Todd’s book The Haunted Voice has arrived! 

You can now purchase the book everyone is talking about, The Haunted Voice by Todd Bates.  It is an autobiography of Todd’s life and how he overcame so many impossible barriers put before him.  Most would never say some of the things that Todd did in his book, but to Todd, they made him what he is today and he wouldn’t change a thing!

More about the book

What happens when we die? Does an afterlife exist? Todd Bates was once a skeptic until an encounter with the other side changed his life forever. In The Haunted Voice, Todd Bates shares how his research into electronic voice phenomena not only changed his life but also propelled his meteoric rise in broadcasting to become one of the most influential voices in the paranormal world. The distinct, unmistakable voice of Todd Bates has helped create many of the most successful and influential brands within the paranormal world. Now, for the first time, he shares in candid detail the events that changed his life and established him as not only one of the most versatile and talented voice artists in the industry but also a broadcasting pioneer responsible for bringing the voices of the other side into our world.

Buy the book!

The best place to buy the book is either here on the website or on Todd’s author page 

Signed Copies

If you would like a signed copy, please visit and order either paperback or hardcover and Todd will personally sign your copy and ship it to you free of charge!   

A message from Todd: The support given to me during this book endeavor is tremendous.  I would not be able to do this without the help and support of my friends, family, and followers.  Because of you, my dream came true, and I thank you.  

Haunted Dolls

Dolls, I have been terrified of the things my entire life, but still curious about their power.  For example, a doll has the power to provide unconditional love to its owner; Just ask any child.  People become attached to their favorite doll, but how far are they willing to go?   

The haunted doll, what is it?  Why on earth would someone want one? But they do and do they ever!  According to the paranormal world, haunted dolls are a hot item right now and people are buying them by droves!  Is it true?  Can a doll actually become haunted or cursed?  

Let’s start a discussion here, not only about haunted dolls, but how spirits become attached to them. 

Feel free to post your comment and be anonymous if you like!  Thank you and we wish you the best in your journeys.     

New Book by Todd Bates

After much debate and waiting, I have finally written my first book!  The Haunted Voice by Todd Bates tells of my journey into the paranormal, my radio career, and the birth of WLTK-DB Talk Radio.  

Not only does this book discuss my success, but also the trials and tribulations along the way.  For example, most do not know that I am a recovering alcoholic.  This book tells of these struggles and how I overcame them.  

Writing this book was so reliving and I feel was amazing therapy.  The book will be available in late October of 2022 and I invite you to pre-order your copy!  Those who pre-order at get a signed copy as soon as they come in.  The Haunted Voice will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and more!  Pre-order your signed copy today

Back in the field again

As most of you are aware, I retired from the paranormal field quite some time ago.  It just got too time-consuming, and I developed a pretty bad obsession with paranormal investigations.  Now that I have had time away from the field, I had an opportuning to jump back in and do some more research.  

Thursday afternoon I was contacted by long-time friend and fellow researcher Jason Snider.  He owns and operates the Crawford County Ghost Hunters Society here in Illinois.  Come to find out, Jason is in the same boat I am and that is too busy and needed help!  He had asked me and my wonderful Sherry if we wanted to come back on his team.   I, not having been on an investigation for so long was hesitant but accepted.  

I will be helping Jason with Tour season and some private investigations will be had for sure!  I am excited to get back in the field, but also cautious that I will not let myself become obsessed again.  I feel I have matured a lot since then, but obsession and addiction can creep up out of nowhere.  Does this mean I live my life in fear, absolutely not.  

Searching for the afterlife is in my blood and I look forward to getting back out there and cracking down on some of these mysteries.  I have learned that life is just far to short to sit back and do nothing, I felt compelled to return and I think my life will be better because of it.  You can find out more about the Crawford County Ghost Hunters on their website

My Radio Story

I have loved radio since I can remember.  I loved the music of course, but also the contests and energy of the DJ.  Never in my life did I figure I would not only host a radio show but also own an entire station of them!  But what led me to embark on such a huge project, and what was my motivation?  

Years ago, back in 2003 I use to operate a chatroom and website called Haunted Voices.  The chat room was filled with people that wanted to learn all about Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP.  I used to provide free lessons to others who were interested and reached a great deal of them!  Things grew immensely and we had to reach more people, but how?

After doing some research online, which back then was a daunting task too say the least, I found an audio server that could carry a voice signal all over the world.  People just had to click a link and they were connected.  Amazing technology back then!  With something like this, I could reach a massive amount of people and at that moment, Haunted Voices Radio was born! I fell in love with reaching so many people and they enjoyed listing to the EVP lessons given to them.  

As the years went by, there were guests added to the mix of topics on Haunted Voices, but it always discussed the paranormal, even today!  It still brought paranormal to the world and had quite the nice following. However, there were small breaks in between episodes as I needed time to find and fix myself, but got back on my feet! 

I enjoyed the show so much, that I wanted a collection of them to teach the worldeverything about the paranormal.  In January of 2020 WLTK-DB Talk Radio was born and started with just a handful of shows.  It was hard work and a lot of sleepless nights, but the station is now up to 22 shows in full production and growing. 

Let me know if you like reading blogs such as this and as always, I enjoy your feedback.

Everyone Meet Brody

There is nothing more that I like best than spending time with our grandson Brody! Unfortunately, time is a factor, but I also need to start making the time.

What about you? Have you made the time lately?